Terms & Condition

iCar Japan

When it is about the automobile trading industry, iCar Japan (Associate with TMT CORPORATION) is a reliable name you can rely on. We are experienced in ensuring high-quality vehicle inspection. We thoroughly inspect all the vehicles booked on our list. It is true; thousands of such companies are available out there. If you want to choose us, 'WHY' is a big question in your mind. We are delighted to share these answers. Let’s have a look at some of the aspects that makes us unique from others:


Regular Updated Stock

We are always dedicated to update our stock and to provide a chance for our clients to choose their desired car from thousands. We list more than 120,000 cars on our website every week to ensure the client will get the best car they want.

Vehicles Are 100% Inspected

As we mentioned above, we inspect all the vehicles we add to our list. We are extremely careful about the certification of several inspection bodies. The clients can immediately drive the car after just purchase their dream car.


Lowest Price That Matches Your Budget

ICar Japan is ensuring the lowest price for their customers to purchase their loving car within their budget. We try to make a mixture of the price that everyone will be capable enough to purchase their dream car.

Translated Auction Sheet

How will you understand the condition of your selected car? It is a common issue that a customer feels puzzled when they come to buy auction cars or even they are going for stock cars. There is nothing to worry about as we provide a translated auction sheet by which you will be clear about the specifications as well as the condition of the selected vehicle at a glance.


Fast and Safe Delivery

We are always conscious of the shipping method. We use world's best shipping companies to ensure not only quick but also safe delivery. We are committed to our clients to provide the best shipping process.



24/7 Customer Service

We have 24/7 customer service who is very serious and dedicated customer service officers. They are always ready to solve the customer's problems. They provide the answers to our customer's questions and motivated to provide the best possible solution for each and every problem. We believe in service and prioritize all the individual clients to save their valuable time and provide the best possible facilities to help them to make better decisions.




iCar Japan (Associate with TMT CORPORATION) is a reputed automobile trading company whose headquarter is located in Toyoma, Japan; From where you can buy your desired cars. We are providing our services to all over the world with our extensive experiences in the automotive field. We have gained a place in the heart of our customers by providing quality service with outstanding quality used vehicles. Flexible payment method is another key point for our customers to come back to us in a repetitive manner. We have a very suitable payment plan for our customers to ensure maximum clarity and swift transaction. Moreover, we never compromise to secure our shipping options as well. We always chose the best shipping companies to export our vehicles to our respective clients. Once a customer buys our automobile, it is sent to the customer in the shortest possible time through our smooth and prompt procedures.


Not so long ago, buying car online was the worst experience for people. The payment and shipping method was so critical. Sometimes, the customers waited more than six months to receive their car. Knowing all the cases, iCar Japan has come to the platform with a promise to make all the process easier and make sure to deliver the customer's purchased car in the shortest possible time to make the clients smile. Our other promise to our clients is to provide high-quality vehicles at the lowest possible price through a smooth procedure.


Our Mission

The first mission of iCar Japan (Associate with TMT CORPORATION) is to build a long-lasting relationship with its customers by focusing on quality service and providing high-quality used cars at a reasonable price.




Our Vision

iCar Japan (Associate with TMT CORPORATION) has a vision of assisting car dealers, brokers, and individuals all over the world to find the best auction cars.



How to Order from Auction


The system of our order is planned to ensure the easiest way for our valuable customers. How does the system work? It starts with the payment of the initial deposit by which you will get access and rights to bid directly from auction. Also, it includes the payment of the invoice amount and delivery of your selected vehicle at your required port. We will notify aware you of each and every step from the bid to the shipment.



To start the procedure, you need to sign up on our website. There is an easy signup option by which you can do it at a glance. We do not take any charge for signing up in our website. You just need to share your required information and confirm the account from your email.

Security Deposit

When you take part in the bidding process, you will need to pay a security deposit. The deposited amount is absolutely refundable if there is any unsuccessful bidding happens. Moreover, If you want to bid on another car with that amount, you can do it without any further charge. What will happen to the security deposit with the successful bidding? We do adjust the security deposit with the invoice amount of the vehicle you buy from the auction.


You are open to select any vehicle from our list and also can set your bidding range. After that, we will bid on your selected vehicle from the auction and win it for you. The good news is, you do not need to pay any amount if the bid, unfortunately, gets unsuccessful.

Auction Result

From our member area, you will be notified of the result of the auction. Moreover, we will inform you of the result by email. When the bid will be successful, we will provide you the invoice containing the CIF amount of your selected vehicle.


Make the Payment

iCar Japan offers you the most reliable and flexible payment system. In this option, you have to make the payment as per the invoice sent.

Shipment and Documentation

This process will start instantly when we receive your payment and confirmation. Whenever we receive your money, we will ship your car in your desired destination. We will send you all the papers through DHL for costume clearance. The sent documents are:

Export Certificate

Bill of Lading

Final Invoice

Marine Insurance (if required)

Inspection Certificate

Vehicle Delivered to the Port

The final step is the delivery of the vehicle to the selected port. It will be delivered as per the schedule. Here, we suggest you bring all the documents provided by us for a smooth clearing process.