Where is the head office of I Carjapan located? What types of cars do you deal?

Head Office of I Carjapan is located in Japan. You can click here to view our complete address.

Do you sell used vehicles through stock and auction?

Sure, I Carjapan sells used vehicles by both stock and auction methods.

What is the official number and email address to contact I Carjapan?

You will get the complete contact details at our contact us page.

What are your timings?

We are available 247.So you can us anytime, you want to reach.

How often is the stock updated?

We update our stock daily. So, you will get something new every day!

How do we buy used vehicles through stock?

We have a specific page on How to Order from stock. You can check the process in a short time from the page.

Is the manufacturing year of the vehicle mentioned in the information?

Sure, we must mention it if we get the manufactured vehicle’s year. But, we do not guarantee you that the information will be shared for each and every vehicle. Why? Well, you may know the third party provides the manufacturing year.

If a car is not available in the stock, can I still request the desired car?

Obviously, you can request for your needed vehicle. Please note that, if the car requested by you isn’t available in our stock, we will highly try to provide you the most suitable vehicle as per your choice.

How can I purchase a car from the auction?

After you select your desired car, you have to pay the initial deposit. When we get the payment, we will start searching your desired car matched with your choice and specifications. Getting the car, we will provide you all the information. If you approve it, we will bid immediately and win the car.

Who is responsible for the export and shipment of my car?

i carjapan is 100% responsible for the export and shipping system until your purchased car reach at your destination port.

How is the quality of the car confirmed?

We have several inspection experts who will inspect and ensure the quality of the vehicle. We obviously share the recent pictures of the car with our valuable customers.

Does the buying team inspect the vehicles before the bid?

Yes, to make you 100% satisfy, our buying team always inspect the car before bidding.

When will my car be shipped?

When you make the payment, we will ship your selected car as early as possible.

When are documents shipped?

You may know that we send the vehicle documents by courier services after the vehicle is shipped. Here, the shipment duration of the documents is set by the courier services. Don’t worry; you will be informed about the duration time.

Which documents are shipped?

We send all the following documents to our customers:

1. Bill of Lading
2. Export Certificate
3. Marine Insurance (if required)
4. Final Invoice

Are the customers informed about the shipment process?

Yes, we will inform you of the shipment process of both the vehicle and the documents.

What are the possible payment terms for my car?

We have flexible payment terms for our customers. You can make the full payment or half you want.

Which currencies are accepted for the payment?

We accept US Dollars.

What is the acceptable mode of payment?

It depends on the payment system of your country. In this case, for more details, you can take support from our customer care.

Where can I transfer my money to buy a car?

It’s easy. You can transfer the money to our bank account. To know our bank details, you can click here.