Customer Review

This was my first time dealing with Icar Japan, as well as the first time I imported any vehicle. I was very skeptical as I would only be seeing the vehicle after I paid for it and it was landed in Trinidad. Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead and purchase the vehicle. The bidding process took a bit longer than anticipated because of the specific vehicle I wanted and the price I was working with, however, the salesperson (SHAHIB) ensured that he was able to get the best possible option to fit my specific requirements. He did send me pictures of possible options and I was able to choose whether or not I wanted him to place a bid on it. The fact that I did this transaction during the Covid-19 pandemic caused several uncertainties and delays. To be honest I was very scared about the whole process as I was sending money across and I never did anything like this before. The delay in due process because of COVID made me think that I may not even receive a vehicle. However, the salesperson as well as the Icar Japan team did their best to keep me informed and ensure my satisfaction at the end of the road. COVID did not make things easier as there were many restrictions on my end as well as in Japan, of course, this was no fault of anyone. However, even though I was able to receive my documents in time and I was able to clear the vehicle without any problems as all paperwork was legit and up to date. In the end, I am 100% happy with the vehicle that arrived. ICar Japan delivered exactly the same vehicle that I was sent pictures of and all paperwork was in order. I will surely be more confident the next time I decide to import a vehicle. Also, I recommend ICar Japan as a reliable company for anyone who is thinking of importing with them.
Ameera Mohammed

Thanks Dev your exceptional service i enjoyed doing business with you and icar. I love my car, it exceeded my expectation👍🏽

  • Emily Edison

I am so excited to have the car and it is so beautiful. Let me find this opportunity to thank you and i really appreciate for what you have done to me. My life will never be the same again. Thank you once again.

  • Justin Lam

The process is very easy and secure, the iCarJapan team always keep in touch with you and are ready to answer any questions that comes on their way. Thanks to Mohaimin who was in touch with me till my car arrived on Jamaica. iCarjapan is the best. With iCarjapan  you are always one step ahead from the rest.

  • Marry Linda

my children first Christmas celebrations with their TOYOTA purchased from you in the beginning of the year 2019!! Am really proud of being one of your customer. Thank you iCarjapan for the providing quality used cars, and up to date services deliver to my Country Antigua . iCarJapan OYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Nancy Helen

I love my car. Thank you iCarJapan for helping me to bring this car to Cayman.

  • James Anderson

Thank you iCarJapan for your excellent service, it was my first purchase but I have been impressed with the manner in which you conduct business. The alerts, the notification, the status updates, you made sure we worked together throughout the process. I will definitely do business with you again and will recommend you.

  • Brenton Major

I’ve known Shiplu for over a year but did not started of purchasing my first Japanese car from him. He appeared to be a bit of an aggressive salesman and our egos clashed; however, I told him I’m in sales and service as well and I understand he was only doing his job. I promised to purchase my next car from him and since then I’m
on my third car. He’s almost like family now as I am very comfortable with him and he’s very trustworthy. He appears to have his customer’s best interest at heart. The car was exceptional and exceeded my expectations despite the pictures. I’m currently awaiting another Cube. I give him 5 stars out of 5.

  • Thomas Adison

Appreciate the coordination at order time, commitment of iCarJapan, terms of payments and Timely delivery. Transparency in the Unit.


  • Claudette Maxim

My experience with iCarJapan was excellent and professional. It felt good and I will use this company again for my future purchase.

  • Sdm Bailey

I am very happy with the car, my other friend in the office try to order, I try to spread our car dealer to all my friends and families to order car when they need a car. I finish work and go home with a car no more catch a bus. Thanks a lot.

  • Michael Robert

I write to appreciate the quality of the vehicle that I purchased from you. Continue supplying good quality vehicles and I will not hesitate to recommend anyone to buy a vehicle from you.Thanx a lot and am wishing you continued success in your business.

  • Jessia

Hey guys i would like to say that finally i got my car Honda fit in my home. Thank you very much. Now lots of my friends wants to buy car from you!!!

  • Thompson Promise

I write to appreciate the quality of the vehicle that I purchased from you. Continue supplying good quality vehicles and I will not hesitate to recommend anyone to buy a vehicle from you.Thanx a lot and am wishing you continued success in your business.

  • Jason Roy

Thank you to everyone at iCarjapan. I picked up the car already and it was sparkling clean and the service was excellent.

  • Devid Mark

only one word AMAYZING…